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a business design model for

integrating sustainable farming ecosystems within the urban environment


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Urban Farming by Design encompasses principles of
sustainability, community, innovation, and environmental stewardship



UFBD is committed to promoting environmental sustainability by integrating organic farming practices, reducing waste and pollution, conserving energy and water, and fostering a purpose-driven circular economy model that maximizes local resources.



UFBD values the power of community and seeks to create spaces where people can come together to learn, connect, and engage with nature. We prioritize building solid relationships with businesses, institutions, and organizations to foster a sense of belonging and collective responsibility for the environment.



UFBD embraces innovation as a driving force for positive change. We continually seek out new techniques and approaches to urban farming and sustainable living, pushing the boundaries of what is possible to create regenerative solutions to complex environmental challenges

Environmental Stewardship


UFBD recognizes the importance of responsible stewardship of the natural world. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint by prioritizing regenerative permaculture design ethics and principles, protecting biodiversity, and conserving natural resources for future generations.

Urban Farming by Design creates a paradigm shift in urban living,
where nature and city life seamlessly intertwine


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Urban Farming by Design is a multifaceted approach combining organic farming with urban living to create sustainable vibrant communities.

Waste from the farm and bistro´s kitchen becomes compost.

Roof solar collectors provide energy for the whole site.


The urban farm is close to workplaces such as businesses, industrial and college campuses, or housing developments to allow easy walk and bike access.


Each UFBD prototype has two main components: the Farm and the Barn.

UFBD envisions a space where the farm and city converge to promote reconnection with nature, offering opportunities for learning and community experiences such as workshops, events, celebrations, and seasonal fruit harvesting.


The project embraces regenerative permaculture design ethics and principles, drawing inspiration from nature to develop eco-farming systems centered on plant biodiversity, guilds, soil fertility, and resource conservation.


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there is much talking lately about reforestation of the cities in order to,

cool, clean, and improve the air quality in the city:

AIA_Urban Farming by design (1)_edited.jpg

Urban Farming by Design is a regenerative prototype of a farm in the city

bakery and bistro

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The Barn is a regenerative architectural element.

It is a wood, steel, and glass frame warehouse containing the coffee shop, a multi-purpose area, and the bakery-bistro.


All the spaces are open towards the farm.

Seating areas maximize indoor-outdoor possibilities.

The multi-purpose hall can provide community activities such as workshops, social events, celebrations, and participation in seasonal harvesting. 

We envision the farm as a natural extension of the
workplace where you find a moment of relaxation, grab a coffee, have a flavorful lunch and enjoy conversations with colleagues.


UFBD business design model
serves as a

for-profit venture 
or a

non-profit initiative



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the benefit of bringing Nature closer to the built environment is crucial for promoting a culture that contributes to a 

healthier, happier, and sustainable world


© Meghiddo Architects 2023 - All Rights Reserved

a project by

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Founder, Ruth Meghiddo, AIA 

Certified Permaculture Consultant 

Meghiddo Architects, AIA

Architecture and Urban Design


Rick Meghiddo, AIA

Architect, Documentary filmmaker

German Biglia

Architect, 3D designer, and site design

Bruce Melchor

site design

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Ruth Meghiddo, AIA 

Certified Permaculture Consultant

+1 562 310 3399

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