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Founder, Ruth Meghiddo, AIA is licensed architect in California and a certified permaculture consultant.  With over ten years of experience as the founder and owner of Farm Urbana, I am a visionary leader in urban farming solutions and regenerative design. I hold a master's degree in architecture and urban design from UCLA and another master's degree in architecture from the University of Rome, Italy.


At Farm Urbana, I combined my design expertise to create Urban Farming by Design, an innovative Business Design Model that integrates productive organic farming with the urban lifestyle and brings nature closer to where people live and work. My mission is to create a purpose-driven circular economy that reduces waste and pollution, conserves energy and water, and creates a locally responsible, profitable, and sustainable urban business farm. It benefits the community and the environment.


We see urban farming as a means of producing food and a catalyst for community engagement and empowerment. By creating shared spaces for cultivation, organizing educational programs, and promoting local food networks, we strive to build communities that are not only self-sufficient in their food production but also interconnected and resilient to challenges.

We believe that Climate Change is everybody’s business and urban farming can play a role in making our cities resilient and prosperous.

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